Hello world! My first post – finally!

This is my first post!  Finally….  So, I decided I would start a blog for my artwork so my friends and family could see my works in progress or daily/weekly drawings, etc.  Well, they make it sound sooooo easy!  Just a few clicks on the keyboard and wah lah, you will have a blog!  Well, WHATEVER!  After approximately 5 hours of work on my part, including 105 minutes on the phone with the help desk and help from 2 very smart friends in the IT business, I FINALLY have my blog!  Let’s see, we re-installed WordPress twice, dropped the database once, created some crazy .htaccess file, and finally found that I had a corrupted admin.php file!  I don’t quite understand how a file that I downloaded then uploaded to the server get corrupted so easily but WHATEVER!  It’s over now and I can blog!  Wooooohoooooo!

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  1. Heidi says:

    Hey Leeann, I’m so glad you are doing this ’cause you are very talented! CONGRATS!!! Where do we follow your blog??? I didn’t seem to find the link!

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