I have arrived!…..well…..then again, maybe not….

So, week before last, I decided to draw ZZ while I had a few minutes waiting on Louie to get home.  I figured it needed to be a quick sketch and I was able to do the following sketch in 10 minutes!  I was soooooo excited! 

And I thought:

“Wow, have I arrived? Has my practice finally paid off and I have arrived at the pinnacle of my artistic ability that I can draw a likeness of my dog in 10 minutes with NO grid and no measuring aids?  This is what I have worked toward: to be able to draw a likeness in a short time period just by looking at it and drawing what I see!  I AM AWESOME!”


Then I decided to draw a cat out of the book “Artistic Fitness” by Ed Tatum.  Well, just like in real life, cats are more difficult than dogs (at least in my opinion)!  This cat was HARD!  It took me probably an hour to draw.  In the beginning, I had so much difficulty with the general outline that I finally used a light box to point out all my mistakes and finally get it close!  Anyway, here it is….  Guess I will continue practicing!

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