“Recent” Drawing Exercises from “Artistic Fitness”

I titled this “Recent” because the oldest is almost two months old…. I am trying to catch up on some posts and there are lots of things I want to post….so this will be a shotgun post of several days of drawings over the past couple of months.  The exercises are from the book “Artistic Fitness” by Ed Tadem.  I highly recommend the book for anyone learning to draw.  There are usually half a dozen steps that take you from the general shape through adding the details for a complete drawing.  Here are mine:

Hope you enjoyed!

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3 Responses to “Recent” Drawing Exercises from “Artistic Fitness”

  1. Jan says:

    These are GREAT!!!!!! I am still trying to make my circle look like an orange! LOL

  2. Jenny says:

    Hey, I love artistic fitness. I checked it out from my library and took it(and my sketchbook) to school and everyday I’d flip to a exercise and draw/sketch it. So I used it as a daily practice and a lot of them turned out better than I thought they would since I’d only spend a few minutes here and there through out school.

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