Dogs, Dogs, Dogs….

Lately, I’ve really enjoyed drawing Dogs.  I have a couple of different Walter Foster “Dogs” books (one very old and one new) and I also have a couple of live models, ZZ and Frita.  ZZ is a very energetic 5 year old Golden Retriever who won’t stay still very long so he challenges me to draw quickly.  Frita (not ours but she visits often) is a mixed breed, possible part hound, part doberman and enjoys sleeping so it’s easier to get her to be still.  Here are a the dogs from the past month or so:

A Great Dane from the Walter Foster “Dogs” book:

A Dalmation from the Walter Foster book:

An Irish Setter from the Walter Foster book:

Quick sketch (approximately 10 minutes) of ZZ:

Here is ZZ eating.  When I sat down in the floor near him to draw, he decided that something must be wrong and he must be suppose to wait to eat.  So, he came over and sat down beside me for some attention.  I got up then he went back to his food.  I sat back down and we repeated this several times.  Finally, I convinced him that it was OK to eat while I sat in the floor drawing.  But he ate quickly so I didn’t have much time to draw him. 

ZZ again.  This time, I tricked him into looking at me.  He loves to play “laser”.  So, I played laser with him, then would hold the laser in front of me and he’d give me this sad “please play with me” begging look.  I would draw a few minutes and he would decide I wasn’t going to play with him so he’d turn and leave.  So, I’d play laser a little while, then we’d repeat the process above.  I believe I managed to capture his expressions fairly well.

And, last but not least, here is Frita, asleep on the couch:

Hope you enjoyed the dogs!

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