“A Mighty Fortress is our God”

“A Mighty Fortress is our God”

This drawing was inspired by the resulting devastation from the April 27 tornados. We had a work day on May 21st and this trailer was just across the road from the house where we were. This scene just reached out and grabbed me. In the middle of the devastation, there were power poles snapped in two, mangled tin, random shingles, hugs trees uprooted and twisted apart, then several houses and this house trailer, all standing with little damage. The message spray painted on the side of the trailer was so simple yet so powerful:
“A Mighty Fortress is our God”
The scene just captivated me and boggled my scientific mind. How could 2 foot diameter trees be uprooted and torn apart when this house trailer was left nearly untouched? The answer is so simple yet so unfathomable and unexplainable:
“A Mighty Fortress is our God”.

“The Lord is my Rock, and my Fortess, and my Deliverer, my God, my Strength, in whom I will trust.”
Psalm 18:2

I hope you like the drawing and I hope that this message reaches out to you like it did me!


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