A few watercolor experiments

These are all from last weekend when I experimented a little with the watercolors. 

I used watercolors, alcohol, salt, the plastic bag from a bag of oranges, and some plastic wrap.  If you look at it sideways, it almost looks like a warped smiley face!!!!  So I named it:  “Warped Smiley”

This next one was watercolored then I put acrylic and gel string over it.  Louie called it: “Blue Madness”

The next was an abstract color wheel with the plastic orange bag pressed over it.  I’ll call it “Color Wheel”

The last one was an experiment with a textured “mud” that works with watercolors.  I can’t remember the official name of it.  Anyway, I just did an underlay of a few basic colors then played with the “mud”….  I call it “Earth, Wind, and Fire”

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