Desert Sunset on Velvet Pastel Paper

When I took drawing lessons in Houston, TX, my teacher had some velvet paper that we used for pastels.  I have looked for YEARS for that paper and have tried many different pastel papers, each claiming to be the ideal paper for pastels, but none living up to the velvet paper….  I pretty much quit pastels because I didn’t have time and I didn’t like any of the paper I tried….

Recently, my best friend Jan decided it was her mission to find me this paper.  And she did!!!!  She went through a special order, back order, cancelling the order, going to the store where they said they carried it, another special order, and FINALLY it arrived!!!!  In ALL colors that they carry!!!  She’s awesome!  So, here is my first pastel on velvet paper after about 13 or 14 years of not doing any pastels. 

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  1. Candis says:

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